Chairman Message

     First of all, on behalf of the board of directors of company and all the employees,I would like to express my appreciation to your kind attention in our company!

     Shandong Prosperous Star Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has been implementing a fundamental business philosophy from the very first day of establishment. This philosophy consists of professional team mastered the most advanced technology, the finest products, cooperation with the most outstanding partners. So that we can form the remarkable industrial value chain. By taking the advantage of the leading technology and providing the best solution to our customer, we shall become the most competitive supplier in this field. But how can we achieve this target?

     1. Innovate our customer’s value

      The world’s famous “father of modern management”- Peter Ferdinand Drucker said: The only aim of a firm is to create more customer.Hereby the crucial competency of a firm relies on the conformity of its core values with the key competitive factor with global economy integration and high transparency of internet information. And this main factor rely on how to create unexpected value to our customer. We always from the standpoint of customers think that: what is the product value that customers are seeking for? Where is the future competitive factor? What should we do to maintain this peer-to-peer and mutual-benefit strategic relationship? We barely survive in the fierce competition if we cannot establish a long-term, stable and mutual-benefit relationship with our customers.

      2. Achieve employees’ values and honor

      To achieve such a stable and mutual-benefit relationship with our employees, an open, sharing and self-motivating work environment shuld be provided to them, so that they can earn dignity and recognition by company as well as create unexpected value to customer. Gradually They can build up the faith about compay and the sense of belonging to company. Because employees are the ones who directly interact with customers and understand our products, every moves of employees will deeply affected the quality of the products. Our employees will receive our rewards as well as social status in return to their dedication in creating better value for customers, meanwhile, obtaining great honor from the recognition of customers. By one word,we always make our employees well-trained and fulfilling. As we believe that only satisfaction and happiness can bring infinite creativity and great value of our employees.

      3. Share our gains with customer.

      We constantly hold the faith in which our customers, distributors, employees, suppliers, service providers, community are our lifelong customer group and the enssential parts within our value chain. If we can maintain an invincible position in the industry, we will keep our promise which is creating an impartial trade platform with cutomers. Through this platform, we can develop the innovative intention of our customer and bring the intention into action orderly.We hope we can face every change of the fierce competition with customers, face future challenge, endure hardness, share the benefits and success with all the partners to form a long-term and unbreakable interest community and make our awaken dream comes true.

Thank you very much again!